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Certified Financial Planner ®

Ben Charlton

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During my time working in the bank as a consultant, I came across a lot of people who would need loans to pay for their children’s education, paying balloon payments for their car, or just to pay for some sort of emergency. It was during this time that I started studying financial planning as I wanted to help people and make a difference in their life.

When I started in the industry however I soon realized that the average financial advisor was more concerned with selling financial products and obtaining new clients with large investments than working with those who could really use the financial guidance to succeed in life. I felt so disillusioned with the industry until I was introduced to the concept of lifestyle financial planning, where planners put their clients first, don’t sell products, and based on what is truly best for YOU!

As a son of a doctor, a brother to a doctor and a husband to a doctor, I understand the pains, struggles, and joys that come with a career in medicine and am honoured to work with doctors at all stages of their careers by offering truly unbiased, quality financial advice.