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Our Process


Lifestyle Financial Planning – the path to living your dreams

Client Care follows the philosophy of Lifestyle Financial Planning. This involves getting to know our clients well, understanding how they got to where they are now and their future goals and aspirations. This allows us to work with our clients to tailor a Lifestyle Financial Plan that is unique to the way they want to live their lives.


We initially have a friendly, informal coffee chat with you, the potential client. We will discuss which aspects of your finances you need assistance with, to determine where we can provide you with the most value. You will also learn that we have a specific process at Client Care, called Lifestyle Financial Planning. We follow this process with all our clients and before we get started, we need to know that you’re on board. At Client Care, we aim to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, so it is vital that you, our new client, are prepared to go through the process with us.


During this meeting, we learn about your background, your goals, and the type of lifestyle you lead. We will also ask questions about your dream lifestyle – what does your ideal life look like? You will also learn about our process and how we work. Client Care will share what our values are, our Why, What, and How. We explain the concept of Lifestyle Financial Planning and have a transparent discussion on fees and costs to investing and working with us. At the end of this meeting, you will decide whether you are ready to continue with our unique lifestyle financial planning process.


The third meeting of the Client Care Process is the Goal Setting Meeting. We will quickly recap what the outcomes were of the first meeting followed by reiterating the values and approach to Lifestyle Financial Planning. The main purpose of the Goal Setting Meeting is to find out what your goals, dreams, and aspirations in life are. What do you want to achieve in certain stages of your life and why?

We will explore your background in more detail to determine how you got to where you are and what motivates you. You will also be asked about your spending habits and why you spend money on certain things. Specific goals relating to your family, home, retirement, work, cars, travel, education, recreational activities, and others will be laid out and discussed.


This step of the process is all about developing your personal Lifestyle Financial Plan. After gathering all the data and information from you, such as budgets, incomes, expenses, assets, liabilities, and more, we develop various scenarios for you. We also discuss any trade-offs that may be necessary for you to make in order to achieve specific lifestyle goals. This can include things such as saving more, spending less, or targeting a higher investment return, among other things.

By the end of this meeting, we would reach consensus on how you would like to move forward with your customised financial plan.

Client Care will implement any of the changes that need to be made in order to align your plan and finances with what we have agreed. This includes all the administrative work and behind-the-scenes actions. We also agree on how often we will meet over the next 12 months and other aspects such as reporting and regular contact. This allows us to set milestones and check-in dates, however, we are always available if you need our advice or assistance sooner.


By allowing you the time to go through this process, you become more knowledgeable and have more certainty around your finances and lifestyle. As you follow the financial plan we will have created together, Client Care will remain available to you whenever you are in need of further advice, or if you would simply like to pop around for a coffee!


We advise clients through all of life’s stages, from building wealth to retirement


Planning for retirement is an ever-changing idea. Your retirement at age 25 will look incredibly different from what it will look like at age 55. Modern-day retirement is also very different from how it used to be where, once you retired on an exact date, you stopped doing any and all types of work. This has changed considerably and coupled with increases in life expectancy, retirement is an exciting stage of life filled with opportunities. At Client Care, we work with you through this thrilling transition to ensure that you are well looked after and can live your best life in retirement. We incorporate all your life’s goals and aspirations into a simple and effective Lifestyle Financial Plan that is unique to you and your circumstances.


It is vitally important that you get the returns you need to live the life you want without taking on any unnecessary risk. Shares, property, cash, bonds. What does it all mean? We make sure that you are invested in the right assets to get the return you need. We have worked with the same asset management team for 18 years and understand their investment philosophies and processes and they have more than delivered the results over time.


We believe family is important, so we make sure that your loved ones are financially looked after if anything should happen to you. If you find yourself in a position where you are unable to work and earn a living, our process will ensure that you have the necessary cover in place to take care of your family. We will also make sure that you’re not overpaying for cover that you don’t need.


As South Africans, we are taxed through the roof. Let us assist you and see if we can help reduce that pesky tax-bill that has begun creeping up. We will ensure that you don’t pay any more tax than what you need by partnering with the best tax professionals in the business.


Have you ever thought about what happens to your hard-earned money should you pass away? And is it going to the right people? We understand that the passing of a loved one can be a stressful and emotional period. We make sure that all the loose ends are tied up before your passing so that your family has one less thing to stress about.


“I don’t need a Will, I don’t have anything to leave behind”. This is probably the most common reason for someone not having a Will. A Will is one of the most important documents that every person needs. Drafting a Will is a simple thing to do and we partner with experts to make sure your Will is valid and speaks to what you want to be done once you’ve passed away. We also help facilitate the drafting of Living Wills for our clients.


If you’re a business owner or a partner in a business and something should happen to you, would you know what happens to your shares in the business? By carefully analysing your current situation, we can put together agreements whereby your family receives the financial benefits in your passing to make sure they are looked after.


Providing employees with benefits like pensions and life cover etc. can be an onerous and administrative nightmare. Our trusted team will handle all the work that goes into setting these perks up for big or small businesses.


Our Family Office Services go beyond traditional financial planning. We provide a comprehensive, one-stop solution for managing your entire financial landscape. From investment strategies to estate planning, our team, along with a network of specialized experts, collaborates to align every aspect of your financial affairs.

Global Perspective: We specialize in catering to sophisticated clients who have diverse and international assets. Understanding the complexities of different global legislations, we craft financial plans that are not only effective locally but also efficient on a global scale. This holistic approach ensures that your wealth is managed efficiently across borders.


Protect Your Assets, Protect Your Peace of Mind. Short-term insurance covers your valuables from unforeseen events like theft, damage, or loss. It’s not just about replacing items, it’s about ensuring continuity in your lifestyle.

Tip: Regularly review your short-term insurance policies to ensure they match your current lifestyle and asset value. This prevents being underinsured or overpaying.


Trusts can be a complicated yet incredibly beneficial financial planning resource. Whether it’s setting one up or helping manage and administer it, we can assist with the complexities of them, both business trusts and personal family trusts.


Having the right medical aid is becoming more and more important. Finding a medical aid that suits your individual needs is even more important. We help sift through the many options and varieties of medical aids to find the one whose benefits are best suited to you and help top-up existing medical aids to cater to you.


Do you keep a budget? Do you stick to your budget? Through financial and behavioural coaching, we will assist you with your day-to-day spending and coach you to live within your means so that you can have peace of mind that you are saving enough for the things that matter most in life


Debt can be one of the most crippling and depressing burdens a person can have. Through careful management and planning, we can assist you with getting back on the right path so that you can sleep peacefully again and focus on building your future.


Financial Planning

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