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Client Care

We form long-lasting Relationships With Our Clients and Tailor Financial Plans According to their Individual Lifestyle Goals. Unlocking your financial potential.

“Personalized solutions for a happier, healthier, and wealthier life”

We help our clients overcome….

Reducing Anxiety

The fear of having no idea how long your retirement money will last.

Gain Clarity & Confidence

Gaining clarity and  confidence around your financial situation.

All work & No Play

Working extremely long hours to sustain your current lifestyle.

Our Process


We learn about your background, your goals, and the type of lifestyle you lead. We will also ask questions about your dream lifestyle – what does your ideal life look like?


After gathering all the data and information from you, such as budgets, incomes, expenses, assets, liabilities, and more, we develop various scenarios for you.


Client Care will remain available to you whenever you are in need of further advice, or if you would simply like to pop around for a coffee!

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, – Confucius

A quick guide to our process and how we can help you….


What Our Customers are Saying

We enjoy working with clients who are willing to make the necessary adjustments to their life and spending habits to ensure they stay on track with their financial plan.

The Impeys

The Impeys are in retirement, and with a little help from Client Care, they were able to consolidate a fragmented plan into a comprehensive lifestyle financial plan.

Through Client Care’s unique process, they were able to focus on what matters to them – their family and travel experiences – and put their trust in Client Care to manage the financial side.

Stratton Stone

Stratton Stone talks about working with Client Care during the process of setting up his business and planning for an amazing family holiday.

Dirk Groeneveld

Certified Financial Planner ®

Alex Blumberg

Certified Financial Planner ®

Frank Harpur

Short-Term Insurance Division

Ben Charlton

Certified Financial Planner ®

Zoe Clarke

Senior Client Administrator

Lynda Groeneveld


Lilly-May Lubble

Client Administrator

Daniel Groeneveld

Client Administrator


Financial Planning


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