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Our Story


We form long-lasting relationships with our clients and tailor financial plans according to their individual lifestyle goals.

Client Care was founded by Dirk Groeneveld in 2002 and focuses on lifestyle financial planning. Dirk’s passion for helping others with their life-plan has resulted in a business that aims to educate as well as advise.

We form long-lasting relationships with our clients and take the time to get to know them on a personal level. From favourite holiday destinations to the dreams you have for your golden years, we gain insight into your goals and work with you to tailor a financial plan to suit your individual lifestyle needs.

Client Care will always provide real and honest advice – no sugar-coating here. We believe that your financial freedom depends on making the right financial decisions every time and we are here to coach you through the hard times.

Our comprehensive plans include risk exposure, i.e.: life and disability, income and investment structuring, estate planning, tax, wills, trusts – whatever your needs, we take care of the financial side and administrative burdens so that you can live your dreams.


We love and are proud of the work we do, making a difference in people’s lives.

We are qualified, client-centered lifestyle financial planners committed to creating sustainable plans which are personally tailored. We enable our clients to live their dream lifestyle through careful planning and coaching.


Clarify and achieve your hopes and dreams

Our process takes you through a discovery meeting where we get to know you and your personal motivators

Provide an easily understandable financial plan

We work with you to outline a road map to your personal financial freedom that you can follow

Coach and educate you on the right financial decisions

We help you cut through the noise and differentiate between what’s important and what isn’t

Be there when you need us

Our team provides a sounding board for all of life’s unexpected moments and keep you on track with your financial plan

Manage all your financial needs under one roof

Allow us to help you manage all aspects of your financial life, from retirement planning to wills, and everything in between

Give clarity on how to build wealth

Our team will guide you towards the life you want through a tailor-made financial plan

Be there during major (or minor) life decisions

We build lasting relationships with our clients and will be with you every step of the way

Manage your money the same way we do ours

With integrity, care, and comprehension, we will never allow you to do anything that we wouldn’t do ourselves


Predict what will happen in the markets

We don’t have a crystal ball and we are not asset managers, instead we work with asset management teams who understand the specific long-term returns our clients need

Make your plan work without your commitment

Your financial plan will only be successful with you taking the agreed actions

Promise high returns with low volatility

Asset classes which deliver strong long-term returns will have short-term volatility

Allow you to do things we wouldn’t do ourselves

We manage your finances with care and integrity, as we would our own

Manage investments without a comprehensive financial plan

Client Care offer full service lifestyle financial planning, your investments should form part of a comprehensive plan

Time the market or pick the hottest investment – we play the long game

We play the long game – it’s time in the market that counts, gamblers seldom win in the long-run

Dirk Groeneveld

Certified Financial Planner ®

Alex Blumberg

Certified Financial Planner ®

Frank Harpur

Short-Term Insurance Division

Ben Charlton

Certified Financial Planner ®

Zoe Clarke

Senior Client Administrator

Lynda Groeneveld


Daniel Groeneveld

Client Administrator


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