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Catherine Brandt

Experience & Activities

Caring, Passionate, Beach-lover

Catherine is inspired by Simon Sinek, who, in 2009, published his now-famous book Start With Why which encouraged its readers to identify their purpose and core beliefs. Purpose resonates deeply with everyone at Client Care as we push for a financial advice firm that is focused on clients and their lifestyle goals first and financials as a means to that end.

True to her caring nature, Catherine is always there to offer comfort to clients during a tough stage, but her favourite moments are the tears of joy that follow when the eventual outcome is positive.

She is a true beach-lover, often spending weekends fishing and socialising with family along our beautiful coastline.

Catherine has worked at Client Care since 2014 and often gets asked by clients whether she enjoys the industry, to which she answers “Absolutely!” as it affords her the opportunity to interact with people and provide real value. She believes the best thing about working at Client Care is the passion that everyone has for helping clients live their dreams.