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Client Testimonials

The Impeys

The Impeys are in retirement, and with a little help from Client Care, they were able to consolidate a fragmented plan into a comprehensive lifestyle financial plan. Through Client Care’s unique process, they were able to focus on what matters to them – their family and travel experiences – and put their trust in Client Care to manage the financial side.

Stratton Stone

Stratton Stone talks about working with Client Care during the process of setting up his business and planning for an amazing family holiday.

Lyn Singmin

Lyn talks about his experience of meeting Dirk from Client Care for the first time and all the things he has been able to do because of the sound financial planning advice he received.

Robert Shepherd

Robert tells us about his retirement and how Client Care has assisted him in his planning.

Andy & Charmaine Alexander

Andy & Charmaine tell us why they have chosen to work with Client Care.

Reg Evans

Reg Evans has been with us since 2018 and is very active in working with us on his life goals.

Sue Shaw

Sue had investments with a bank, but she was looking for a more personal service. A friend introduced her to Dirk and the team at Client Care where she experienced personal and attentive service. Client Care helped her move into a retirement home preemptively and now she looks forward to one day retiring and running a small library!

The Raaffs

We chat with the Raaffs about scenario planning and how things have changed for them since the pandemic. Allan and Jenny have been with us since 2004 and we look forward to many more years of a successful financial planning partnership!

The Sin Hidges

Brent and Natalie are a recently married couple living in Cape Town. Their entire financial planning process has been online and we’re so happy to have them onboard!

The Marquises

Brian and Jackie have been with us since 2018. Dirk used to visit them in Cape Town in person, but since the pandemic we’ve transitioned them seamlessly to online meetings.

Harry Falconer

Harry Falconer moved to South Africa from Scotland in 1970 to start his own company where he was earning R1.27/hour. Now, he enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren. He believes that forming a trusting relationship with your financial adviser is the key to financial success and believing that they will successfully guide you through the ups and downs of the market.


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