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Client Administrator 

Daniel Groeneveld

Experience & Activities

Introducing Daniel, the newest member of the Client Care team, who, despite his recent arrival, is fully invested in carving out a long-term future with us. He’s currently an integral part of our admin team but has his sights set on climbing the ranks and becoming a financial planner. Daniel’s passion for helping people and his eagerness to learn shine through in his work.  

While he hasn’t yet had the chance to interact directly with clients, Daniel is enthusiastic about building personal relationships with them in the future, helping them navigate their financial journeys with respect, honesty, and integrity. He values the opportunity to learn from the experienced and passionate team at Client Care.  

Outside of work, Daniel is an outdoor enthusiast, enjoying golf, fishing, and any activity that keeps him in touch

with nature. Spending quality time with his family is his favourite pastime, as they are his greatest support and motivation. He continually strives to grow and learn every day, both personally and professionally. 

A fun fact about Daniel: Despite his years of playing golf, he’s yet to achieve a hole-in-one, but he remains hopeful that this dream will soon be realized. His life philosophy, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years,” reflects his desire to live a life full of meaningful experiences and to positively impact others’ lives. Daniel’s journey at Client Care is just beginning, and he is excited to see where this path will take him, with a dream of making a lasting difference in the lives of our clients.