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Of All Our Lifetime Assets, Our Health Is The Greatest

This past weekend, we took our grandson on his first camping experience. I had been looking forward to these few days with great anticipation, as being outside in nature is my favourite pastime, and sharing this with him and the rest of the family promised a special occasion.

       Of All Our Lifetime Assets                                  

Hit By A Train

The week leading up to the weekend was mildly put, HECTIC! I had seven meetings on Monday and 3 on Tuesday before flying out to Cape Town for client meetings on Wednesday,, followed by a client memorial service, then taking the 6h30 flight back to PE and heading back to St Francis Bay for four more meetings before an evening out with friends. I picked up a hint of the flu sometime in the week, so by the time Friday morning came, I felt like I had been hit by a train!

                                 Of All Our Lifetime Assets         

The result is that I was not a lot of fun over the weekend, and what was meant to be a special time became a game of survival. At 55, I have still not learned that our bodies are not machines. 

Being Fit and Healthy

When we feel ill and weak, we remember what being fit and healthy feels like. Fortunately, I know this feeling of being miserable will pass, but it got me thinking that at some point in my life, it will not be as easy to recover and feel healthy again.


Medical advances mean that we all have the ability to live longer than previous generations. Still, longevity is not worth a lot if those extra years are restricted by one’s ability to enjoy life. All the money in the world cannot buy back the result of years of unhealthy lifestyles.

Sadly, this often only hits home once the “healthy” horse has bolted. Financial health is very important for a happy and fulfilled retirement, but without physical, mental, and emotional health, we cannot live our best lives.


It’s never too late to get into the shape we need to be to live the way we want but maintaining a balance from the start can simplify the journey. It is easier to avoid getting out of shape in the first place, so by organizing our daily and weekly routines, we can ensure every aspect of our life remains in harmony.